Chick Lit Corner: The Traveling Tea Shop

Deserts, travel and chick lit - obviously such an irresistible combination. I mean any of those three individually would be a source of pleasure to me but combined they made a real treat. This was a first book by Belinda Jones I got my hands on so I really did not know what to expect. The premise was enough to make me want to wade into these waters.

Laurie Davis, our heroine, moved from UK to the city of her dreams, New York. Together with her best friend she put her organizational skills to good use and started a company that organizes themed travel tours (is it just me or does that not sound like so much fun). Laurie also happens to love cake. (I feel you girl) Next thing she knows she is offered an opportunity to organize a "cake themed" trip for Pamela Lambert-Leigh, a TV star/food expert from her homeland. That's what Laurie is so good at, so easy peasy right? Of course not, what fun would that be. The trip turns into an unexpected adventure that will put Laurie's travel organizing skills to every possible test.

This is chick lit at its best - not focusing solely on romance (heads up, just to prevent any potential disappointment, romance is not the focus of this story). Not only did I enjoy the ups and downs our little traveling group encounters, I was also carefully taking notes - of places the book talks about that I would simply love to visit (sneaky sneaky Belinda Jones), as well as all these delicious sounding deserts that I would love to try (to make). This book will introduce you not only to tempting places and cakes but also to some memorable characters.

This is the kind of fun, light, entertaining book that will appeal to any chick lit/cake/travel lovers out there. Be prepared for constant cake/desert cravings coming your way.